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24 hours food delivery service in Pattaya - Expected launch summer 2014

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Frozen dinners available at Best Supermarket and Friendship. Flavors in stock:

Please contact us for more details at 085-387-3092 or email

Satearn is a Pattaya food delivery service and high quality home made food company. While the price of our products is not always the lowest, it is not the highest either. Our quality however, is the best in the industry per product category. This can be achieved by using the finest and freshest ingredients & following strict processing procedure and guidelines to insure consistency of our products. While our specialty are Kosher Dills, we have a multitude of other products available available in Thailand locally in Pattaya and Bangkok.

Food Delivery Service 24 Hours A Day In Pattaya And Bangkok

In addition to selling our products in Foodmart, Friendship Supermarket, Best Supermarket and other locations. We also offer food delivery service in Pattaya and Bangkok on websites like and . Additionally, we are now working on the food delivery website section of Satearn that will allow you to order 24 hours a day unlike the hours of 10 am to 2am from food delivery sites like, waiter on wheels and door2door. The food will be available either frozen or reheated, the advantage of having it delivered frozen is that the wait to get the items will be very short, could be a few minutes if you are located near our distribution centers. This will be one of the advantages of our home delivery food service 24/7 in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Catalogue And Prices For 2014

frozen dinners: cottage pie, chicken dinner, meatloaf, cabbager rolls, macaroni & cheese, delivered to your door!Frozen Dinners

These complete frozen meals are home cooked according to traditional French Canadian recipes. Taste is genuine and no additives or preservatives are used, these meals are 100% natural and fresh ingredients are used. As with all our products, quality and consistency is key. Our frozen dinner product line is available for delivery in Pattaya and Bangkok and sold in Western Supermarkets.

Best Sandwiches In Thailand, lots of meat and cheese - chicken and cold meats sub - available for deliverySandwiches And Subs

Our Sandwiches and Submarines are packed with fresh veggies and meats. Unlike most sandwiches available in Thailand where you can hardly see or taste what is inside...our sandwiches are packed so high it's hard to take a bite!

introducing genuine lemonade to Thailand, all natural, no preservatives, sold in supermarkets, bars and restaurants 24 hours a dayCheeses And Beverages

Cottage and cream cheese made without any additives or preservatives. Pro biotic lemonade and ginger ale, naturally fermented to give you the genuine taste these beverages originally possessed.

Fresh And Frozen Hearty And Healthy Soups

These soups based on French Canadian recipes eat like a meal at over 375 grams each and priced at an affordable 119 baht in selected location. Available for delivery in Pattaya and Bangkok 24 hours a day fresh or frozen.frozen french Canadian Peas soup, chicken noodle soup and hearty lentil soups - order online

Genuins Kosher Dills, only ones in Asia, can be orderded online or by phone twenty four hours a dayGenuine Kosher Dills And Various Pickles

The only Kosher Dills made or sold in Asia, period. These are made according to tradition and cured for up to 45 days. A favorite for Jewish Delicatessen lovers. These have the same taste as Kosher pickles made in New York, Montreal or anywhere on the east coast. Available for delivery and purchase online all across Thailand and soon to be exported to other Asian countries. Other pickles varieties we make include but are not limited to relish, bread and butter pickles (favorite for Americans and Canadians), Sauerkraut, and pickled eggs.

Only genuine pickled eggs in Thailand!

Genuine Kosher Dills And Pickle Products
Genuine Kosher Dills Available In Thailand And Asia - Dilevery available across Thailand Sour Sandwich Stacker Dills, American Style
Genuine Sauerkraut, Fermented without vinegar in true German Tradition Sweet And Sour Bread And Butter Pickles, only ones made in Asia, original taste

Coming in Spring 2014 - Order online and get food delivered to your door 24 hours a day in Pattaya and Bangkok. To order please email us at or call 085-387-3092    Site Map