List Of Restaurants In Pattaya

This is a complete list of the major restaurants in Pattaya, there are over 400 of them listed,  most of them offer food delivery or are/will be listed in Satearn's 24 hour food delivery service from restaurants that in and around the Pattaya area. For your convenience we have sorted them alphabetically. URL to their websites will soon be added. The range of cuisine and prices varies greatly , so make sure to check out their websites or call them before paying them a visit, some have food as cheap as 99 baht and higher class places have menu items of up to 5000 baht and more! The choice of cuisines is vast and you can get the taste of  any countries around the world. One of the reasons for that is the vast ethnicity of the Thailand tourism industry. 

There are no links to these establishments, but if this page gets enough traffic  I will put live links on it. One thing to remember when  looking to eat in a Thai restaurant is to look at how many gaz tanks they have, the more the merrier! Also look at how many people are seated, this is another way to tell if a restaurant is popular in Pattaya or not!